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PT - Online Advantage - Academic Version

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Online Advantage – Academic offers academic programs the opportunity to administer a single exam or two exams (pretest/posttest) to their students. A detailed performance analysis section generates individual and class data that can be used for student and programmatic assessment. The exams are fully updated for the 2024 NPTE-PT blueprint specifications.

Notice: This product is intended for academic use only. Only proceed if you are an instructor or acting on behalf of an academic institution.

  • Provide students with the opportunity to test drive the NPTE-PT

  • Gather valuable data to assist in student and programmatic assessment

  • Compare class scores to the average score of all students

  • Analyze student and class performance in system and content outline areas

  • Provide motivation for students to begin their study plan for the NPTE-PT

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imagery for PT - Online Advantage - Academic Version
imagery for PT - Online Advantage - Academic Version
imagery for PT - Online Advantage - Academic Version


The academic version of Online Advantage is designed to allow academic programs to administer comprehensive examinations to their graduating students. The academic version permits the academic program to administer a single examination or two examinations (i.e., pretest/posttest). Academic programs provide students with access to the full-length exams by purchasing an access code for each student.

Online Advantage provides academic faculty with instantaneous access to individual student or class results. The performance analysis menu allows faculty to sort results based on a wide number of variables.

Academic faculty can compare individual student and class performance in selected system and non-system areas. The information collected can be used for program assessment and to determine the relative degree of individual student preparedness.

Academic faculty can compare a class' performance to the mean score of all candidates that have taken the same examination. This comparison occurs in a variety of system and non-system areas and can be extremely useful for program assessment.

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Why Students Love Scorebuilders' Physical Therapy Practice Exams

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Why Students Love Scorebuilders' Physical Therapy Practice Exams

"Thanks so much for all of your work in the area of licensing preparation. We started using Online Advantage this year and found it to be very helpful as our final competency exam. During the students' exit interviews, I was able to specifically discuss their strengths and weaknesses and offer study guidance aided by the testing data provided by Scorebuilders."

- Faculty, Tennessee

"I have consistently heard from former students that your company's sample examination questions are the most consistent with the content and difficulty level of the actual examination. Thank you!"

- Faculty, Florida

"Online Advantage has made a dramatic improvement in our pass rates- we had a 100% pass rate for last year's first time test takers."

- Faculty, California

"We use the Online Advantage as a benchmark/reality-check at the start of the students' final year before they leave us for a long stretch of clinicals. It is always amazing to see the change in some of the student's scores when they take the academic exam at the end of the program!"

- Faculty, Pennsylvania

"Being exposed to realistic exams certainly is a wake up call for some of our students. It's nice to have access to an outside source for a comprehensive exam so that students don't feel faculty are trying to make their lives unnecessarily difficult! Thanks for the great tool!"

- Faculty, Louisiana

"Last year was my first year using Online Advantage as a mandatory exit exam for our class. I am happy to report that our pass rates improved."

- Faculty, Alabama

"Our students know from day one that they will have a comprehensive exam. We use Online Advantage exams at the start and finish of the students' final year and have collected great data with improved pass rates to match."

- Faculty, West Virginia

"Allowing the students to experience a formalized testing experience prior to the actual test has been very beneficial. We formally reserve the computer classroom and build in as much formality as possible to the testing experience. Thanks for offering such a great product!"

- Faculty, Michigan

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