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PTA ACE Course Scorebuilders


ACE is a self-paced review course using our dynamic e-learning platform. The course, led by Dr. Scott Giles PT, DPT, MBA, utilizes videos, interactive study tools, gameplay, and multiple-choice questions to assist students to reach their potential on this critically important examination. ACE is fully updated for the 2024 NPTE-PTA blueprint specifications.

  • Informative and entertaining video instruction

  • Over 400 challenging multiple-choice questions

  • Active study tools and calendars to track study progress

  • Decision-making gameplay with Extraction

  • Receive 120 days of Basecamp access and unlimited support – Pass Pledge

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imagery for PTA ACE Course Scorebuilders
imagery for PTA ACE Course Scorebuilders
imagery for PTA ACE Course Scorebuilders
imagery for PTA ACE Course Scorebuilders
imagery for PTA ACE Course Scorebuilders


Our eLearning review course ACE - A Competitive Edge provides students with the most personal and effective method to prepare for the NPTE-PT on your own schedule. ACE provides students with 120 days of access to our state of the art eLearning platform. The course offers all of the same benefits as our On-Campus and Webinar Review Courses held annually at over 300 PT and PTA academic programs.

Over 400 Multiple Choice Questions and over 200 Videos
The activities within ACE consist of 180 licensing-like multiple-choice questions offered in ten specific activities. Each activity is designed to emphasize targeted educational themes or to explore an identified system or non-system content area. The multiple-choice questions include an item analysis, explanation of the correct answer, and an individual video where Dr. Giles presents an in-depth analysis of the question.

Our most recent ACE feature – Extraction is designed to improve your ability to differentiate between good, better, and best options on the licensing examination. Extraction includes 250 multiple-choice questions contained within 10 Training Sessions. Strong decision-making skills are essential when answering applied questions that do not rely solely on academic knowledge. After completing an activity or Extraction training session, students can gain valuable insight into their individual decision-making process. Explore the total points, percentile rank, session score, average incorrect options eliminated, and system scoring along with many other useful performance indicators.

Interactive Study Tools
ACE includes three innovative study tools designed to increase the efficiency of study sessions and complement traditional passive study tools. Students are able to rate their competence in specific academic content areas using mastery cubes. Sorting functions allow students to quickly identify topics requiring remediation and to increase their flexibility using academic content in applied clinical scenarios.

Organization Plus
Features such as a study calendar help students stay focused on their goal - passing the exam! ACE includes a multitude of organizational features such as interactive study calendars, sticky notes, highlighters, and master note pages to keep students on task.

Basecamp Access
ACE users receive free 120 days of Basecamp - Standard access. Basecamp includes hundreds of academic assignments, 3,000 flash cards, 80 hours of videos, and 6,000 multiple-choice questions. Learn more about Basecamp here

Spotlight Series
We've made our previous Spotlight Series webinars available exclusively for ACE users. The presentations by Scorebuilders' instructors cover a variety of licensing and academic topics. Simply select a webinar and download the PDF presentation to take advantage of the in-depth knowledge of our talented instructors.

Hope is Not a Strategy
Hope is a good thing, however, it cannot serve as your primary strategy to pass the examination. Let ACE assist you to develop an individualized study plan based on your preferred learning style and the results of valuable assessment data gathered throughout the online course. ACE can assist students to reach their goal of first time success on the big day!

Access Period: 120 days
Technical Requirements: Internet access

Scott Giles PT, DPT, MBA

Dr. Giles is the founder and President of Scorebuilders. He has authored numerous best selling review books and has presented on licensure preparation throughout the United States and internationally for nearly three decades. Dr. Giles has taught over 500 review courses and assisted over 25,000 PT and PTA students to pass the National Physical Therapy Examinations. Dr. Giles received his Masters in Physical Therapy from Springfield College and his Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy from Simmons College. He received his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Southern Maine.

Dr. Giles served as a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Physical Therapy at the University of New England for 15 years. He has disseminated research related to the licensing examination at the American Physical Therapy Association's Combined Sections Meeting, American Physical Therapy Association's Annual Conference and Exposition, and the American Association of Higher Education's Conference on Assessment Quality. He is the former Chair of the New England Consortium of Academic Coordinators of Clinical Education and a former Credentialed Trainer for the APTA Clinical Instructor Education and Credentialing Program. He served on the APTA Committee charged with revising the Physical Therapist Clinical Performance Instrument (PT CPI).


Our self-paced ACE course provides students with the ability to experience our review course on a schedule of their choosing using a robust eLearning platform. This innovative product can be purchased by an individual student or purchased by a class of students or an academic program.

Individual Pricing: $275 per access code
Class Pricing: $3,500 per class

Take advantage of our class pricing on ACE and save big! $3,500 provides your entire PTA class with 120 days of ACE and Basecamp access. As an example, a class of 35 students would pay $100 per student, while a class of 20 students would pay $175 per student. Compare this pricing to the cost of a single ACE access code which is $275 and you will quickly realize the magnitude of the savings. ACE and Basecamp provide you with the most personal and effective method to prepare for the examination on your own schedule.

Students utilizing ACE are not required to purchase our licensing resources, however, are entitled to a 25% discount on our best-selling review book, Basecamp, Online Advantage, and/or flash cards prior to, during, or after the review course. Students utilizing ACE receive FREE Basecamp access for 120 days. In addition, if the ACE course is organized by a student, we offer a full complement of Scorebuilders' products to the student as a THANK YOU!

Our fixed fee pricing structure and complimentary resources make the course an unquestionable value. Scorebuilders' Pass Pledge program ensures students support until they pass the exam! Our goal has always been to make the course affordable for students and at the same time deliver a review course that stands head and shoulders above the competition. Our outcomes and market share demonstrate our commitment to excellence.

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Why Students Love Scorebuilders ACE

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Why Students Love Scorebuilders ACE

"ACE was an extremely comprehensive tool to prepare for the exam. It placed the ball in my court and helped me to make it happen. I did the work and hit it out of the park on test day! Thank you!"

- Student, Missouri

"I should have used ACE the first time! ACE has helped me to overcome the setback of not passing on my first attempt. Thank your Scorebuilders and thank you ACE! Now, on to the future!"

- Student, Florida

"This was a wonderful learning experience! Studying for the boards is so overwhelming, and before this course I had no idea where to start. ACE helped me direct my study efforts and build my confidence. I honestly feel I would not have passed the exam without this resource."

- Student, Texas

"I flat out LOVED the video explanations! Dr. Giles sense of humor was fantastic and his knowledge is incredible. We spent a lot of time together through the videos and I enjoyed every second."

- Student, Montana

"Our students have always hosted a Scorebuilders' course on campus, but changes in the academic calendar made this nearly impossible this year. We reluctantly moved to the online format and the feedback I have gathered has been nothing short of fantastic. I greatly appreciate Scorebuilders offering a variety of course delivery models!"

- Faculty, Michigan

"ACE set the "bar" and let me know what was needed to put me in the "passing lane." I appreciate your approach to readiness for the NPTE. Thank you!"

- Student, Ohio

"Congratulations on another quality product to prepare our students for the licensing exam. I am not sure when or if you and your staff actually sleep. That being said, keep it up!"

- Faculty, California

"ACE worked out fantastic for me since I was on a clinical experience out of state when our school scheduled an on-campus review session. I loved the opportunity to progress at my own pace and the structure that ACE provided was exactly what I needed to stay on task."

- Student, Texas

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