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PT - Online Advantage - Student Practice Exams

$40.00 - $60.00

Online Advantage – Student offers individuals the opportunity to experience a single exam or two exams (pretest/posttest) reflective of the current NPTE-PT. A detailed performance analysis section generates meaningful assessment data that can be used to determine academic mastery and readiness for the NPTE-PT. The exams are fully updated for the 2024 NPTE-PT blueprint specifications.

  • Experience a realistic exam test drive prior to the NPTE-PT

  • Enhance decision making skills when choosing between good, better, and best options

  • Compare individual scores to the average score of all students

  • Analyze individual performance in system and content outline areas

  • Purchase a single exam for $40 or combo exams for $60

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imagery for PT - Online Advantage - Student Practice Exams
imagery for PT - Online Advantage - Student Practice Exams
imagery for PT - Online Advantage - Student Practice Exams


The Scorebuilders NPTE Practice Exam provides candidates with an ideal opportunity to assess their current examination performance relative to the performance of other examination candidates by using one or two unique online comprehensive examinations. Students can purchase an individual access code for each examination that permits entry to the student online comprehensive examination.

Students can use the examinations to prepare for a comprehensive examination administered by their academic program and/or as a means of preparing for the NPTE-PT. Comprehensive summary reports identify areas of strength and weakness as well as offer specific suggestions for remedial activities.


The Performance Analysis section assists students to assess their current academic mastery and identify opportunities for remediation. Students can directly compare their examination performance with established data from other students. A sophisticated performance analysis section summarizes feedback in five system specific and content outline areas. Comparison statistics are given for the overall score as well as scores in each of the content and system areas.

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Why Students Love Our Practice NPTE Exams

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Why Students Love Our Practice NPTE Exams

"Wow! My score report gave me a pretty clear picture of where I need to spend more time studying. My first Online Advantage exam made me nervous, but after tweaking my study tactics based on my score, my second exam score was MUCH better!"

- Student, Arizona

"Seeing my score compared to everyone else's who has ever taken this online test really helped my confidence. Being well above the middle of the pack is a pretty comfortable place to sit as exam day gets closer!"

- Student, Arizona

"I absolutely love the explanation of answers in your resource. The breadth and depth far exceeded my expectations and they have served as an important resource for me when studying. My sample exam scores have been steadily trending upward and I am feeling very confident in my abilities to pass this exam! I cannot wait to be licensed!"

- Student, Alabama

"I feel that taking a large number of sample exams was a huge part of why I passed the exam. The explanations were amazingly detailed and served as an additional academic review."

- Student, Michigan

"I really like the score report that Online Advantage gives you after a test is completed. Much more user friendly than going through and figuring it all out on my own. The results helped me tweak my study plan in some surprising areas that I would not have otherwise considered."

- Student, Wyoming

"Online Advantage is an invaluable resource. Not only did it give me a detailed score report to find my weak areas, but it gave me the opportunity to take more sample exams!"

- Student, Colorado

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I love the Leaderboards! As you likely know, PT students can occasionally be competitive and although I am now only competing with myself, this type of data serves as a great source of motivation for me. Preparing for the exam is hard enough and any additional mojo is hugely appreciated!"

- Student, New Mexico

"I love the realistic computer based testing experience. This gives me confidence that I won't be thrown off by any big curve balls on test day. Dare I say? I feel READY!"

- Student, Iowa

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