imagery for PTA - Content Master Flash Cards

PTA - Content Master Flash Cards


PTA – Content Master Flash Cards make reviewing essential academic content enjoyable! Frequent review of academic content allows students to quickly convert the information to long-term memory. The cards are the perfect portable resource for a physical therapist assistant student's busy lifestyle.

  • 150 double-sided flash cards covering essential academic content
  • Academic content is presented in nine unique system and non-system areas
  • Vibrant colors and visually pleasing images promote enhanced learning
  • An ideal repetition tool to improve academic mastery

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imagery for PTA - Content Master Flash Cards
imagery for PTA - Content Master Flash Cards
imagery for PTA - Content Master Flash Cards

An absolute visual delight. Fun, flashy, and insightful!

The flash cards are designed to assist physical therapist assistants to possess full command of core academic content. The study tool is an ideal resource for first year, second year, and third year students. The vibrant colors and visually pleasing layouts make reviewing essential academic content enjoyable!

Author: Scott Giles PT, DPT, MBA
ISBN: 978-1-890989-43-9
Price: $40.00

An ideal tool for PTA students, recent PTA graduates, and licensed PTAs!

Physical Therapist Assistant Students
Students should strive to retain essential academic content as they progress through a physical therapist assistant academic program. Periodic review of this information is often necessary to accomplish this goal. The flash cards provide students with a portable resource that can be used intermittently while on campus or in the clinical setting.

Recent Physical Therapist Assistant Graduates
Recent graduates need to have full command of essential academic content in order to successfully pass the NPTE-PTA. Although academic content alone will not be sufficient to pass the NPTE-PTA, it provides graduates with a strong foundation to make informed clinical decisions on applied examination questions.

Licensed Physical Therapist Assistants
Physical therapist assistants need to retain essential academic content. Physical therapist assistants often work in specialized practice settings and therefore may infrequently utilize academic knowledge in selected system and non-system areas. As a result, periodic review is often required to maintain necessary mastery of this material.

Master Core Academic Content!

Product Features:

  • 150 double-sided flash cards covering only the most essential academic content from our entire physical therapist assistant product line.
  • The flash cards provide users with the opportunity to frequently review necessary academic content. As a result, a higher percentage of the information is converted to long-term memory.
  • The flash cards are organized into nine unique categories: Musculoskeletal System; Neuromuscular System; Cardiopulmonary System; Other Systems; Equipment and Devices; Therapeutic Modalities; Safety and Professional Roles; Teaching and Learning; and Research and Evidence-Based Practice.


review iconWhy Students Love Scorebuilders

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Why Students Love Scorebuilders

"I love the portability of the cards and especially the smaller of the two rings. I frequently take 10-15 cards to the gym each day. It makes me feel super productive and helps my workout go by quickly."

- Student, Oregon

"Perfect for studying when you have a limited amount of time or need to look up something quickly. I plan to use them on my upcoming clinical and eventually for the exam."

- Student, South Carolina

"I am a big fan of the overall look of the cards. The way each card is set up has a user-friendly format rather than just lists and lines of small words. Thanks for taking the time to make the big time topics easy on the eyes!"

- Student, Nevada

"I took my flashcards with me on my latest clinical and felt like the kid with the newest toy. Some of the therapists at my clinical site seemed a little jealous that they didn't have such a good tool available when they were studying."

- Student, Mississippi

"Content Master definitely hits the highlights and then some. It was pretty cool to be taking my exam and think, "ok, that info was on a green card". The flash cards helped me pass the exam on the first attempt."

- Student, Hawaii

"I re-write most of my class notes using colored pens to help me remember certain things so the color coded sections of the flashcards were GREAT for me! Frequent repetition of key academic information was critical for my learning."

- Student, Kentucky

"Integumentary, pediatrics and cardiopulmonary are definitely my weak spots. I like being able to pull out just those sections and toss them in my bag for quick review between classes or when I have a free moment."

- Student, Puerto Rico

"I was going to say that I wished there was a table of contents or section by section list of topics, then I found the index in the back of my cards. Yes, there is an index! (only took me a week to notice it...) That works! Thanks!"

- Student, Idaho

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Frequently Asked Questions