Academic mastery that lasts a lifetime. Start climbing!

PTA - Basecamp - Lifetime



  • Assignments to promote mastery of core academic content
  • 120 assessment videos (over 40 hours)
  • 6,000 content driven multiple-choice questions with explanations
  • Interactive calendar to design an individual journey
  • Sophisticated Scorecard section to track performance
  • Unlimited access to the Basecamp Arena App

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Product Overview

The Basecamp Journey

Basecamp - Lifetime is designed as a resource to maximize learning and retention of core academic content throughout your academic and professional journey. Basecamp takes users on a journey through five Mountains (Musculoskeletal, Neuromuscular, Cardiopulmonary, Other Systems, Non-Systems) and 120 Trails (e.g., Anatomy, Cardiac - Pathology, Motor Learning, Assistive Devices). Basecamp collectively includes hundreds of academic assignments, 40 hours of videos, and 6,000 multiple-choice questions.

The Basecamp Arena app provides students with a unique mobile experience where they can spontaneously connect and compete with friends while mastering educational content. Study anytime and anywhere and watch your academic mastery soar! The app is free for all individuals with an active Basecamp account. The app is now available for iOS users and coming soon to the Google Play Store.

An Ideal Tool for Faculty and Students to Improve Outcomes

Faculty have the ability to integrate Basecamp activities into their daily teaching by assigning specific Mountains and Trails that coincide with current classroom teaching. Students can utilize the assignments, videos, and exams to increase their understanding of this material and increase retention over time. Basecamp - Lifetimeprovides faculty and students with a cost-effective method to improve individual and programmatic outcomes.

Reach Your Academic Potential!

Basecamp - Lifetime provides students with a fun and informative learning tool to maximize their academic potential. Basecamp is built on a flexible learning platform that allows us to continually expand the product’s features. Establishing mastery of critical core academic content during the academic journey allows students to quickly progress to the higher-level decision making and analysis skills required to ultimately become a licensed physical therapist assistant.

An Incredible Value!

Go big or go home! Basecamp - Lifetime offers full access to this amazing study tool forever. Discounts of up to 20% are available on class orders. Basecamp is designed to fully engage today’s students utilizing a variety of forms of media and the latest in eLearning technology. This dynamic educational offering engages students and makes learning fun! Basecamp will quickly become a student’s most commonly used academic resource.