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PTA365 includes:

  • A challenging multiple-choice question every day!
  • Detailed explanation of correct and incorrect answers
  • Performance analysis features to track progress
  • Interactive calendars to review previous questions

Product Overview

Assess Your Mental Fitness!

PTA365 provides physical therapist assistants with a unique daily opportunity to assess their mastery of essential physical therapy content through multiple-choice questions. A complete explanation of both correct and incorrect options is offered for all questions. The app provides a method to track individual performance over time and to compare the results to the relative performance of other physical therapist assistants.

Stay on Top of Your Game!

The app is designed for physical therapist assistants at any level of clinical competence. For example, student physical therapist assistants can use the app to improve their clinical decision making as they progress through their academic program or as a resource to prepare for the NPTE-PTA. Licensed physical therapist assistants can use the app as a tool to retain necessary academic content and to expand their knowledge base when working with patients with diverse system and multi-system involvement.

Incorporate PTA365 Into Your Morning Routine

Each day the app provides users with a multiple-choice question. Each question has four possible options with one option serving as the correct response and the other three serving as incorrect responses. Users are informed if they answered the question correctly and are able to examine the percentage of other candidates selecting each of the four options. Users will be able to review the rationale for the correct and incorrect options for the current question or any previously answered questions. A performance analysis section allows users to gather a variety of detail on their performance including the percentage of questions answered correctly to date, the percentage of questions answered correctly in specific system and content outline areas, and the longest correct question streak. They are able to examine their performance compared to the performance of other users by system area and by difficulty level.