Repetition is wonderful for PT students!

PT - Content Master Flash Cards


PT - Content Master Flash Cards includes:

  • 200 double-sided flash cards covering essential academic content
  • Academic content is presented in nine unique system and non-system areas
  • Vibrant colors and visually pleasing images promote enhanced learning
  • An ideal repetition tool to commit academic information to long-term memory

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Product Overview

An absolute visual delight. Fun, flashy, and insightful!

The flash cards are designed to assist physical therapists to possess full command of core academic content. The study tool is an ideal resource for first year, second year, and third year students. The vibrant colors and visually pleasing layouts make reviewing essential academic content enjoyable!

Author: Scott Giles PT, DPT, MBA
ISBN: 978-1-890989-42-2
Price: $45.00

An ideal tool for physical therapy students, recent physical therapy graduates, and licensed physical therapists!

Physical Therapy Students
Students should strive to retain essential academic content as they progress through a physical therapist academic program. Periodic review of this information is often necessary to accomplish this goal. The flash cards provide students with a portable resource that can be used intermittently while on campus or in the clinical setting.

Recent Physical Therapy Graduates
Recent graduates need to have full command of essential academic content in order to successfully pass the National Physical Therapy Examination. Although academic content alone will not be sufficient to pass the National Physical Therapy Examination, it provides graduates with a strong foundation to make informed clinical decisions on applied examination questions.

Licensed Physical Therapists
Physical therapists need to retain essential academic content. Therapists often work in specialized practice settings and therefore may infrequently utilize academic knowledge in selected system and non-system areas. As a result, periodic review is often required to maintain necessary mastery of this material.

Master Core Academic Content!

Product Features Include:
  • 200 double-sided flash cards covering only the most essential academic content from our entire physical therapy product line.

  • The flash cards provide users with the opportunity to frequently review necessary academic content. As a result, a higher percentage of the information is converted to long-term memory.

  • The flash cards are organized into nine unique categories: Musculoskeletal System; Neuromuscular System; Cardiopulmonary System; Other Systems; Equipment and Devices; Therapeutic Modalities; Safety and Professional Roles; Teaching and Learning; and Research and Evidence-Based Practice.